Middle Finger Up

by Yaniv

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Middle Finger Up
Living in times, don't care where you came from
I travel through minds a ghost in your cellphone
You say we'll be fine please spare us your wisdom
We're living in hell cause of yourself hating syndrome
Plug in your earphones, unplugging your mind, back to your safe zone, dumb, deaf and blind
Ashes to ashes, the Titans the clashes, the camera flashes, the news where the cash is, we know where the trash is, inform the masses, they burning our ground so it’s easy to fall
One finger up, two fingers down
Raise your hand and show your fist to the crown
Round and round, guess what I found, you better come with us and don't make a sound
show that you down, and go straight to the top, or else feel the wrath of the media glock
You ain't gonna make it well I get that a lot
I'm keeping my head up, like Pac tell a friend
I'm the boogie rhyme monster I'm fucking your Zen
I huff and I puff and I blow your house in.

Put your middle finger up, smile and let it hang there
Screaming we don't give a fuck cause we don't really care sir

Verse 2
We can play this game once again and again
You be selling your soul for a two dollars fame, 15 minutes of shame, giving crack to your fans, here is my stance no more us against them
Crawling under your skin, it's the light from within
Let it shine on your grind, when you making some ends
You can call me insane when I pull the big guns
You make my life dark then I blow up your sun
I pound like a drum, my words like a bomb,
I am the silver hand warrior Eragon argetlam
With no label, you didn't think we're able
Babies life matter so we put it on your dinner table
They talk a lot but all I hear is bla bla
They say jump and we gonna say fuck nah
I'm gonna give to ya,
Till your face turn red
That you wish you had fled
But No blood should be shed,
we had enough tears instead
If your books full of lead
In this game there's no chance for us all
Between you and I, please no more lies
You think you can buy us fuck you and die

Put your middle finger up, smile and let it hang there
Screaming we don't give a fuck cause we don't really care sir


released December 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Yaniv Israel

... speaking his heart and soul through beats and rhymes...

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