Circles Of Rap

by Yaniv

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Circles of rap

It's the blind blind lead the blood line of a blind mind
Into a nine millimeter path of a bullet fly
Nine times outta ten time while you step on mine killing every feeling
On the tenth I will shine
Any given time, I will flow glow I told you so
Dead serious just in case a friend turn to foe
Pound on the ground we can both go toe to toe
heat seeking shogun blow
Which way you gotta go
The Pharaohs way with neon glow
Or daddy's way to Babylon
Karma is a bitch cause this time she will never show
Put you in a row and let your mama spank you like a dirty ho
You won't get too far,
Your ghetto star is like a never lit cigar
Wish upon a star but it scar for a scar what it cost for the most if you ghost
If you lost take a look in the mirror now oops there you are
Finally, I can get shit running normally,
Hopefully, lady irony will get the fuck off of me, from inside of me, full scale insanity defy me, breaking jealousy, a fantasy of three kids family, book and a bicycle, pic with happy title, I want it all
With the Dark Stark Tony feel the storm, when I'm all alone
A tape in my Sony kept me warm on this winter cold
You dumbstruck phony now hush cause its critical
From beautiful to pitiful
Not being cynical
You come up in the game and you end up doing crap
I don't fall for your music cause your music is trap
Please take a sit
It only counts when it hits
So I can spit , this verbal slit
I make it fit in to your shit
Before you get slaughter
Before we finally meet
I deep my sword in black sugar just for y'all to say SWEET 

Second verse
I let my spirit wonder where man has never been
Beyond the color green, religious fiends, king and queen and wolverines headless man build guillotine, incarcerated by dreams and unfulfilled birthday wishes -
I guarantee you after life with two turntables and a mic so I just keep it rock n roll and blow away all your kisses - just hit play
This purple hazed assassin
Is keeping y'all amaze
Nothing can go right pass me
I'm just shifting phase
I rap the heart of man
The pride and shame, the sun and rain, the dirt the fame, the ill the sane, the blood the vein, the side the main, the magic pill to ease the pain
The fire burn off what remain
Giving you the middle finger leaving you with bad taste
I miss the old days when we had no shoe lace
I miss the old days when kids were moving at a slow pace
We didn't know better but we did it with a lot of grace
So just write down everything
Memorize everything
Gotta give it everything
Give'em what the never seen let'em blow and let'em scream
I'ma do it for the team
let you all inside my dreams
Let it wash off all your sins
Every time you coming for me
Every lie you ever to sold me
Hit it or you will be sorry
Cry and rhyme and make it gory
Acting like you never know me
And that's the moral of the story
You can always kill a winner but you cannot deny his glory

I draw circles of rap so you can follow
Take my hand, watch your head and keep it low
I lead the blinds away from the gallows
I keep it Hardcore for you all and you know know know know


released September 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Yaniv Israel

... speaking his heart and soul through beats and rhymes...

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