Birth Of a Rhyme

by Yaniv

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Birth Of a Rhyme
Well I start with a word, a line a phrase, a catchy hook that will leave you in a daze
I can sit here for days check this small intermission ,it's all about empty your mind then strike
Ideas are bubbling, best to say rumbling, in my head struggling.
Making it fit in a script wanna hit never gave a shit never loose a grip well I do it for the street but for now it's all puzzling I'm mumbling but I know what I saw
Wicked mind rhymes war
I try really hard to let the pen do it's thing and let the paper suck a good ink from my dreams
If you know what I mean, its not what it seems, from the speakers to your ears I ride dragons, but wait wait
I think I got it, under the bed, dripping red, never fed, my boogie rhyme monster, I kick it in the head, now it's dead.
So we can walk free on this earth
For better or for worst
Now I got the first verse
And I'm ready for the second
Everybody want it, everybody is gonna take it
Shake it, bake it, naked on the floor
I can still go but
fuck it bring the chorus in

A line to a line
A beat to a rhyme
I flow where I go and I let it just shine

Second verse, now it's here, have no fear
The seeds are planted and expand
mind over matter, what's the matter hon? Honey are you Ok? Hon has a gun
Run fun shine sun tits sagging hon's done
I don't fuck with no plastic boobs elastic
Fake tan ass implant be who you are
I really like that video, you shaking your ass
Its daddy's lil' girl and she's shaking her ass
So I really like your ass work, slow
Just know that I do stand behind you, but I hit it and dash
Off you go, off you go cheers to another hoe, let'em know let'em know this is how I flow
Here Kitty Kitty really silly fake Vanillie Milli coming to my city feeling pitty on your lil lilly
Leave me hit me with a stealy kill me freely yes oh really feel me thrill me with this rap song everybody just sing along

A line to a line
A beat to a rhyme
I flow where I go and I let it just shine

So how many mcs must get diss
How many times I gotta raise my fists
How many times you said yeah I got it, got it just to hear you say next Damn cause you missed
I draw a song line by line, connect the dots, add some color of a drum
So my thoughts can shine
Design for divine
Chills down your spine
Slam on this jam
But that's who I am
Hollow point game straight to your brain, this can not be tame
I sharp my sword then I press record
Describe my life in one word - shit
The best unsigned and unheard - shit
Score three like a Celtics Bird - oh
My lungs is like a spray can I spit like I bomb a train
Hit it till is no pain
Then love burst in blue flames
I never walk alone and you know it's no lie
I'm a three men crew
‫ meet me myself and I


released February 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Yaniv Israel

... speaking his heart and soul through beats and rhymes...

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